2023 Para-cycling Road And Track National Championships Results

ByEmma Porter |

The Para-cycling Road and Track National Championships took place on the 17th and 18th June in Dublin.

National titles in the road races were first to be decided at the Corkagh Park circuit. In the C1-C5 solo bikes race, World Champion Ronan Grimes (MC4) was victorious ahead of William Clifford (MC3) and Chris Burns (MC2).
Declan Slevin (MH3) proved too strong for his competitors in the H1-H5 handcycles race with Allister Mac Sorley (MH4) finishing in second place and Seamus Wall (MH4) rounding off the podium.
Damien Vereker and Marcin Mizgajski (MB) topped the podium in the tandem race followed by Katie-George Dunlevy and Linda Kelly (WB) and Josephine Healion and Eve McCrystal (WB) in third.
Attention then switched over to the track on Sunday where riders in the C1-C5 and tandem categories competed at Sundrive Velodrome. Chris Burns (MC2) was in flying form taking two wins on the day in the C1-C5 category in the flying 200 and kilo time trial and featured on the podium in the scratch race and 3km pursuit.
William Clifford (MC3) was quickest in the 3km pursuit and also featured on the podium of the kilo time trial and scratch race while Richael Timothy sealed the win in the scratch race adding to her second place finish in the flying 200.
In the Tandem MB and WB races Martin Gordon and Eoin Mullen (MB) took wins in the flying 200 and kilo time trial while Katie-George Dunlevy and Eve McCrystal (WB) won the 3km pursuit.
The Para-cycling Time Trial National Championships will be held on Thursday, 22nd June in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone hosted by Island Wheelers. Check out the start list here.


Track (Factored)

C1-C5 Solo Bikes Flying 200

  1. Chris Burns (MC2) – 12.161
  2. Richael Timothy (WC3) – 12.723
  3. Ronan Grimes (MC4) – 13.106

C1-C5 Solo Bikes Kilo/500

  1. Chris Burns (MC2)
  2. Ronan Grimes (MC4)
  3. William Clifford (MC3)
  1. Richael Timothy (WC3)

C1-C5 Solo Bikes 3k Pursuit

  1. William Clifford (MC3)
  2. Ronan Grimes (MC4)
  3. Chris Burns (MC2)

C1-C5 Solo Bikes Scratch Race

  1. Richael Timothy (WC3)
  2. Chris Burns (MC2)
  3. William Clifford (MC3)

Tandem BM & BW Flying 200

  1. Martin Gordon & Eoin Mullen (MB)
  2. Katie-George Dunlevy & Eve McCrystal (WB)
  3. Josephine Healion & Claire Ní Reachtagain (WB)

Tandem BM & BW Kilo

  1. Martin Gordon & Eoin Mullen (MB)
  2. Katie-George Dunlevy & Eve McCrystal (WB)
  3. Josephine Healion & Claire Ní Reachtagain (WB)

Tandem BM & BW 3k Pursuit

  1. Katie-George Dunlevy & Eve McCrystal (WB)
  2. Martin Gordon & Eoin Mullen (MB)
  3. Josephine Healion & Claire Ní Reachtagain (WB)

Road Race (Factored)

C1-C5 Solo Bikes

  1. Ronan Grimes (MC4)
  2. William Clifford (MC3)
  3. Chris Burns (MC2)

H1-H5 Handcycles

  1. Declan Slevin (MH3)
  2. Allister Mac Sorley (MH4)
  3. Seamus Wall (MH4)

Tandem BM & BW

  1. Damien Vereker & Marcin Mizgajski (MB)
  2. Katie-George Dunlevy & Linda Kelly (WB)
  3. Josephine Healion & Eve McCrystal (WB)
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