33: Russell White: Irish Triathlete on Training and Racing in Pursuit of an Olympic Dream

ByJoanne Murphy |

He entered a local triathlon as a break from competitive swim training and won the race igniting an interest in the sport that would see him travel the world toeing the start line of numerous races, mixing it up with some of the best-known names in the sport of triathlon.  

Russell has been training and racing all over the globe in pursuit of an Olympic dream. With multiple podiums and top finishes in races across the world, significant results include the joint highest WTS finish by an Irish male when he finished 10th in Leeds in 2016, he achieved the highest WTS Grand Final finish by an Irish male when he finished in 15th place at Rotterdam Grand Final in 2017 and then went on to claim the silver medal at the Karlovy Vary World Cup in 2018.   The two time Commonwealth Games athlete gives us an insight into his life on the road pursuing his passion for his chosen sport in this episode.   Injuring his collarbone whilst in the USA just before Covid19 restrictions came into effect in Ireland, the injury was undoubtedly a setback to his training, but if it was to happen, it happened at the best time as the world almost stopped turning and he could focus on recovery and rest for body and mind without the pressure of chasing precious Olympic qualification points.   Spending time at home in Ireland over the past few months was not something he expected to happen when setting out his plans for this year, but he has embraced the return home, his recovery and his return to training on the local roads at home in Banbridge.   

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