48: Joe Skipper Professional Triathlete: Far From An Average Joe

ByJoanne Murphy |

Competing in his first triathlon in 2010, he has gone from strength to strength and steadily grown in stature and success since he took up the sport.  With a multitude of podium finishes, course and race records, he has gone sub 8 hours in multiple IRONMAN events,  racing with and against some of the best athletes in the sport of triathlon and is getting faster and stronger in each year of competition. 

The journey to his success has been peppered with some disappointments along the way. But rather than throw in the towel, Joe has continued to embrace his passion for professional sport and chase his triathlon and cycling goals all whilst having fun and showing great resilience and determination in chasing that top step of the podium in sport. Joe Skipper is not your average Joe, and certainly not another average Joe, he is dedicated, committed and more resilient than most, with many more great performances to come, watch this space because Skipper is reaching for the stars in sport and they are certainly within reach. 

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