68: Robson Lindberg Triathlete: Defying The Odds To Prove Anything Is Possible

ByJoanne Murphy |

Fellow IRONMAN announcer Robson Lindberg from Finland is the guest on this episode of the podcast. Robson suffered a brain injury during a hockey match in February 2016, the fun loving, adventure seeking, sports mad athlete had his life changed forever on that day.

His injuries from being body checked included 8 brain bleeds including an 8mm bleed. Robson had to relearn how to complete some of the most basic tasks we take for granted including writing, talking and simply moving.  Classified as having a traumatic brain injury, Robson vowed to become the worlds’ best TBI patient with aspirations to race at the IRONMAN World Championships.

It was a difficult journey physically, emotionally and mentally and despite some of the medical professionals giving him little hope of ever returning to a ‘normal life’, Robson has defied the odds to pursue his passion for sport and insatiable appetite for life, crossing the finish line of IRONMAN Portugal on Saturday the  23rd of October this year,  2,074 days after his world almost stopped turning.   I met Robson for the first time in Cascais and was fascinated by his story, tenacity and sheer determination to never give up.

Sometimes inspiration can come into your life at the most unusual of times and in an array of situations, and I know, I know it’s such a cliché to say but Robson is the epitome of anything is possible and although we only scratch the surface of what his road to recovery was like in this chat, this is a super episode of the podcast.  If you, like me, are fascinated by his story, be sure to check out his 8MM squad on www.8MMSquad.com.

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