71: Pat Cooke-Rogers Endurance Athlete: Faith, Love and A Life in Sport

ByJoanne Murphy |

Pat Cooke-Rogers is a softly spoken and humble endurance athlete who continues to push her boundaries in sport chasing goals and overcoming challenges that many of us would shy away from.

Taking up triathlon in her early 40s, the mum of four has been participating in triathlon and adventure sport for over 20 years.  Embracing triathlon she has completed over 11 full distance and at least 20 middle distance races, raced at both the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships and the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona and has in more recent times ventured into the world of extreme sport completing the Yukon Arctic Races on foot and by bike on multiple occasions.

In 2015 she was the first woman from Europe to complete the 430 mile Yukon Arctic Race by bike.  She has completed a multitude of adventure races, 24 hour races, obstacle races, relays of many different kinds, 10ks and half marathons since first dipping her toes into the world of endurance sport.  She has also won her age group in the 100m freestyle at the GB Winter Swimming Championships in 2017 and 2018, one of her personal sporting highlights.  With plans to race at the Yukon Arctic again and complete an ice mile she has some big goals on the horizon for 2022.

But it’s not just participating in sport that Pat has embraced, with a very strong faith she has coupled her love of God with her love of sport and has for many years been the woman behind the IRONPRAYER at IRONMAN UK and now she supports numerous events as the chaplin at home and abroad, something that brings her great joy and connection with fellow athletes.

Pat’s fun and unassuming nature shine through in this episode as we talk about some of her adventures and expeditions. Underneath it all she is a tough cookie with an incredible amount of steely strength and determination. With her own personal battles she continues to find ways to adapt and endure so she can embrace her love of sport and adventure.  At 65 years of age Pat Cooke -Rogers is not slowing down, she’s only getting started!

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