85: The Inside Track at Mondello24: Featuring The Cycling Ireland Women’s Commission Team

ByJoanne Murphy |

This episode of the podcast features the Cycling Ireland Women’s Commission Team who participated in the Mondello24 Cycle which took place across the weekend of the 18th & 19th June at Mondello Park in Kildare.

24 hours of cycling around the 3.4km ( approx.) track, riders could race as a solo, two, four or eight person team!  I was thrilled but apprehensive to have been selected as a rider for the Cycling Ireland Women’s Commission who had entered a team of eight riders from across a diverse background of ability and experience into the event.

In this episode you will meet our team riders: Emma, Keela, Sharon, Hannah, Dearbhlá, Laura and Grace along with our team managers Alison and Colin who share lots of insight to our weekend of racing from the build up and training to logistics, fuelling, racing full gas, recovery and of course the craic from the track!

It was one of the best weekends of the year so far,  as you will hear on the show, the cycling was intense but the laughter and camaraderie was mighty! We had a great weekend of fun, friendship and fast racing. A big shout out to all the riders and the crew who supported them in taking part in the second edition of Mondello24. The event this year was just as exciting as the October edition of last year with lots of riders returning to test their metal over 24 hours as a solo or two person team having participated in larger teams last year, others participated for the first time this year and embraced the challenge that lay ahead!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the event with a special mention to the solo riders and especially to the girls racing solo at the event! There was great excitement on and off the track, I was very lucky to experience both sides of the track this year as a rider and as part of the Mondello crew announcing the event and taking over their Instagram for the 24 hours of the event. There was lots of talking and cycling done over the weekend.

If anyone tuning in to the show is interested in taking part next year please get in touch and we can share more insight and tips on how to enjoy rather than endure this super ultra cycling event! Well done again to everyone who raced, roll on Mondello24 in 2023!


Photo Credit: Matthew Lysaght


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