92: Nathan Forde Triathlete: The Fight Goes On

ByJoanne Murphy |

In 2021 Nathan Ford was a top age group triathlete who’s future in sport was both exciting and very promising. The fastest age group athlete at IRONMAN Wales in 2019 he had previously raced in Wales in 2017 finishing 3rd in his age group and stamping his ticket to Kona for 2018. He raced his first IRONMAN in Austria in 2016 and had gone from strength to strength in the sport of triathlon making full use of his background as a competitive swimmer in his multisport endeavours.

In August 2021, Nathan was leading the British National Triathlon Championships when he suffered life changing injuries in an accident during the cycling portion of the race.  The injuries sustained were so severe it was touch and go on the side of the road immediately after the accident and indeed it was touch and go for Nathan for the first few weeks in hospital as he embarked on an incredible journey of recovery and rehabilitation.

Told by doctors he would never walk again the prognosis for Nathan was bleak, he spent over half a year in hospital, 14 weeks of that time in a halo brace.  At times the will to give up was stronger than the will to survive, but somehow he managed to pull himself out of the darkness. Inspired by his wife Catrin, his athletes on Team NFT and the huge outpouring of support received from at home and abroad, Nathan found the courage and strength to fight back, to fight for his life to fight to be the best version of himself for the future whatever that future might hold.

Fast forward to a little over a year after his accident and Nathan is working hard, extremely hard EVERY Day to make improvements in his mobility, dexterity and  aspects of life that many of us take for granted. His tenacity, fighting spirit and determination have paid off as he is every day defying the odds and is quite literally a miracle man, his athlete mindset driving him forward bit by bit every day.

This is a fascinating episode of the podcast and may for some be upsetting in parts, Nathan is incredible, there are few words that can do him justice in describing what he has achieved in his fight for his life, he really is a true inspiration. If you would like to support his journey to recovery and help him please check out his go fund me page on the link HERE.


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