Boost Pro: Junior Athlete Development Camps

ByEmma Porter |

Triathlon Ireland are running a Boost Pro: Athlete Development Programme in Galway on the following dates:

  • 30th of October
  • 25th of November
  • 17th of December

These full-day sessions are to allow young athletes to develop their physical, tactical and technical skills in a social environment suitable for all ability levels. The only requirement is a commitment to your own personal development within the sport of triathlon.

This will be the first block of 3 for our Athlete Development Training Programme for 2023-24.

The focus:

  • Developing a suitable training schedule that will balance with all aspects of your active lifestyle, for example, school, family, friends and other sports or activities.
  • Understanding what training in a general preparation training programme looks like.
  • Identify personal improvement goals.
  • Be part of a community where you will share and support other athletes, coaches, squad and club members.

Each day will consist of an educational workshop, and two training sessions to provide you with the information and skills to foster your lifelong development and participation in the sport of triathlon.

The cost is €60 per athlete for the 3 sessions in Block 1. The 3 sessions are linked so it is important to attend all 3 for your personal development experience.

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