Building Metabolism To Boost Endurance Cycling Performance

25th January 2022
(1 hour )

Do you have endurance cycling goals in 2022?

Do you want to go farther and faster on two wheels?

Does your nutrition and fuelling hinder rather than support  your  performance?

If you answered YES to any of these questions above then this nutrition event hosted by Jillian Mooney might be just the ticket to get your nutrition on point for 2022.

How to Build a Metabolism That Boosts Endurance Cycling Performance” takes place online on January 25th from 7-8pm.

Jillian Mooney  from Team Joe Barr has been an integral cog in the wheel of Joe Barr’s ultra cycling success in recent years, the performance nutritionist has worked with cyclists, both mainstream and endurance, for over 20 years. In this virtual event Jill brings her extensive experience and insight directly to you, sharing knowledge on how your metabolism works to power your training, performance and recovery.

The session will discuss fuelling strategies that work with your metabolism and not against it, common fuelling errors and how to avoid them, leaving attendees with a greater understanding of how to prepare for and perform over your chosen distance or goal you’ve set.

She says  “There are more and more cyclists taking on endurance distances, whether that is competing in an endurance race or setting a personal challenge embracing ultra or endurance cycling. Often when you move into the realm of endurance cycling, nutrition strategies you’ve employed before don’t work as well and performance starts to break down. When you understand the mechanics of metabolism, you’ll be in a much stronger place to implement nutrition and fuelling strategies that support your goals. You’ll train, adapt and recover more effectively, all while building your overall nutritional resilience

Book your seat at the online event HERE, it will undoubtedly be one of the best £20 spent on your training and race prep in 2022.

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Building Metabolism To Boost Endurance Cycling Performance

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