Carr 6th in South Africa

ByEmma Porter |
Libby Carr placed 6th in the 2024 Africa Triathlon Premium Cup in South Africa last week weekend.
Speaking after the race, she said, “We knew we were going to be in for a tough race when event organisers had to bring the race forward by 24 hours due to extreme weather conditions. While this wasn’t ideal, it was a much better option than race cancellation after traveling that far.
“A very average swim in the rough conditions left me in a less than ideal position heading into the bike and run, even though I was strong on both. I managed to salvage a decent result in the end, with the third fastest run split of the day.
“Still lots to be happy with, coming away more ranking points and experience. Lots of miles in the legs (and air) already this year so it’s all about the balance between keeping the body right and performances consistent. Excited to tackle some bigger races soon!”
Carr’s focus now turns towards the Americas Triathlon Cup and South Americas Triathlon Championships, La Guaira, Venezuela, on the weekend of the 25th of April.
In the meantime, James Edgar will return to action for the E World Triathlon Championships London. Jonathan Oakey is also in action next weekend at the Europe Triathlon Cup Melilla.
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