Damian Browne & Fergus Farrell: Project Empower, The Big Row From New York to Galway

ByJoanne Murphy |

Damian Browne and Fergus Farrell are two lifelong friends who plan to row the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Galway in an extreme challenge that will test their friendship, fitness, resilience and challenge them mentally physically and emotionally.

Taking on the mammoth task in May of this year they are each no stranger to uphill battles be it in sport or in life. Damian, a former guest on the podcast is an avid extreme adventurer, and explorer whose fascination with exploring the world has seen him embark on quite a few life changing adventures. Listen to his episode (No 12) on the podcast to get a glimpse into his life of adventure and ability to push his boundaries to the extreme.

Fergus has bravely fought a battle for his life after an accident in 2018 left him with a 5% chance of ever walking again, but battle he did.  He fought hard to overcome the challenges and obstacles he faced in recovery in learning to walk again. Setting small goals along the way he achieved his primary goal of being able to walk and just one year after his accident walked from Athenry in Galway to the NRH in Dublin, a journey of 206km on foot that would see him achieve a massive goal that he had set himself only weeks after his accident had left him with little hope of ever setting two feet on the ground again.

Together Damian and Fergus are a formidable force, focused and determined, they have left no stone unturned in their quest to row home from America.  With one eye on the successful crossing of the ocean the other eye is on a World Record that although hasn’t been broken for over 100 years could just be within their reach. Regardless of the record, with a little luck and some kind weather from mother nature, a successful row across the 4937.47km of the North Atlantic will see them enter the ocean rowing history books and they will be the talk of their home town of Galway for many years to come, leaving a lasting legacy for others to follow and be inspired by.

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