113: Lucy Gossage, Nikki Bartlett & Bex Milnes: Inside the Montane Spine Race

ByJoanne Murphy |

Lucy Gossage, Nikki Bartlett and Bex Milnes share wonderful insight into Lucy’s recent remarkable Montane Spine Race achievement which she conquered in January of this year during one for the worst periods of weather the UK got this winter.

Professional triathlete Nikki and her partner Bex Milnes supported Lucy’s endeavours with Bex capturing images and updates of Lucy on the Pennine Way, meanwhile, Nikki turned the images and information received into an exciting socials storybook of tales from inside the race, capturing the imagination and hearts of everyone eager to follow Lucy’s progress as she embarked and conquered one of the toughest foot races in the world.

Stretching 268 miles or 431km from Edale in Derbyshire, England to the village of Kirk Yetholm on the Scottish Border on the Pennine Way, if you don’t know where that is, then get out your map and check it out.

Lucy gives us a glimpse of just what her preparation for an endeavour of this nature entailed as well as great insight into how her race unfolded, although we gloss over some of the intricate and technical aspects of the race, we still get to understand the remarkable journey undertaken by the 14 time IRONMAN Champion as she ventures beyond her comfort zone into uncharted mental and physical territory, pushing her limits to the brink to discover her true capabilities.

In this episode, Bex and Nikki share their own version of Lucy’s journey with some snippets of what it was like for them to follow the race as they closely and cautiously tracked her progress to the finishline.  As the race proceeded on the Pennine Way for Lucy, another story was unfolding behind the scenes which, when unravelled, would have heartbreaking consequences for Lucy.

Resilient and robust as she is, she faced the situation head on and began picking up the broken pieces one bit at a time as she concurrently recovered from what she had put her body and mind through to reach the finishline of the Spine Race.

As you can expect, bringing the four of us together for a chat, resulted in lots of high energy, fun and laughter, the power of sport and friendship between these three incredible women as they share their personal stories of this epic adventure will certainly put a smile on your face and I have no doubt inspire you to step well outside your comfort zone!

If you enjoy this show and want to find out more insight from Lucy about her Spine Race be sure to pop over to her website www.lucygossage.com

If you wish to support Move Against Cancer you can click on Lucy’s Just Giving page HERE and while you are here tuning into the podcast, why not check out the chats I had with Lucy (Ep 26) and Nikki (Ep 8) for the podcast in 2020 and 2019 respectively!


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