EP116 Mondello24: Galway Bay Cycling Club, Going All In For The Win

ByJoanne Murphy |

Last weekend a team of four riders from Galway Bay Cycling Club were crowned this year’s Mondello24 Cycle four person team Champions securing a new course record in the process. The team comprising of; Cathal Dillane, Ronan Burke, Liam Kilkenny and Kirill Korliakov embarked on their 24 hour cycle on the International Racing track in Kildare on Saturday at 12 midday.  A team with a diverse mix of cycling experience across a variety of disciplines, they had no experience of endurance racing, but that was all about to change.

Cathal is the most experienced road cyclist of the four, cycling for over three decades with multiple race and stage wins under his belt and a Man of the Rás, this was his first time experimenting with an event of this nature. Ronan, an avid competitive road racer in recent years and Rás rider last year, had never ventured into the world of endurance cycling. Liam, a former competitive swimmer and Kirill are both fans and participants of multiple disciplines of cycling, however they were also completely new to this format of team and endurance racing which was both exciting and daunting in equal measures.

Embracing the unknown of the 24 hour challenge, the team cycled themselves into the history books of the Mondello24 Cycle event with a performance to be extremely proud of.  Managed by two time Solo Champion at Mondello24, Karen Cassidy, the team were in safe hands as she expertly steered them successfully to the finish line on Sunday midday and to a new course record. Completing 260 laps of the 3.5km track to finish with 902.2 km on the clock was a massive achievement.

Whilst their endurance racing experience going into the event might have been lacking, their passion, determination and willingness to give full commitment across the 24 hours, to support, respect and learn from each other was in abundance, as was the desire to succeed, to give as much as they each individually could to the team, supporting each other on and off the track, epitomising the “all for one and one for all” spirit throughout the event.

If you thought the challenge of Mondello24 was a step too far outside of your comfort zone to consider for yourself, then this chat will most definitely change your mind and give you plenty of food for thought, of what might just be possible when you gather a team of like-minded people with the same goal willing to go the distance collectively and individually.

Photo Credits: Mondello24


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