98: Chloe & Judith MacCombe Para Triathletes: The Tandem Twins

ByJoanne Murphy |

Twin sisters and para triathletes Judith and Chloe MacCombe represented Northern Ireland at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Chloe became the first Irish triathlete to win a championship medal at the Games taking home a silver medal, meanwhile sister Judith finished in fourth place in a hard fought battle in Birmingham.

Racing with their respective guides Anne Paul and Catherine Sands the girls had some great results in 2022.  Some highlights for Chloe include; 2nd at A Coruña Para Cup in June and 4th place at the Turkey Para Cup in October, rounding out her season with a 5th place finish at the Abu Dhabi World Championship in November.  Judith was 1st in The National Championship in May, 3rd at A Coruña Para Cup in June and 4th at the Alhandra Para Cup in September.

The sisters have a form of albinism which affects their vision but does not affect their commitment or dedication to their chosen sport. Taking up triathlon only a few years ago they have gone from strength to strength. Having participated in sport from a young age in Karate and then in para rowing whilst at University, the sisters have found their forever sport in para triathlon and are giving it everything so they can to make it to the Paralympics in Paris in 2024.

They are each other’s sisters, best friends, inspirations, advocates and rivals, supporting, encouraging, inspiring and motivating each other to be the best athletes they can be, all whilst providing much inspiration to the people around them as they embark on this exciting journey in sport. This is a great episode and one in which at the end of it you will definitely be inspired to simply give something that may be out of your comfort zone a try.


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