North Channel Extreme Swim Success

ByJoanne Murphy |

They did it!!

Congratulations to the six extreme swimmers who made the successful crossing of the North Channel from Ireland to Scotland today. An incredible achievement considering the North Channel swim is considered the toughest of the seven ocean sea swims in the world.

Starting at 06:56 in the dark the team took to the water in hourly rotations to complete their relay attempt, they landed in Scotland after swimming for almost 13 hours!

Water temperature 8.3C
Air temperature 6.4C
(Official time, awaiting ILDSA Ratification. 12:51.35.24)

Well done to swimmers Ger Kennedy, Colm Morris, Declan Bradshaw, Niamh McCarthy, Vincent Donegan and Dave Berry who today along with their support crew made history in the water.

Swimming in support of The Gavin Glynn Foundation over €30,000 has been raised to date.
Donate on the link HERE

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