Gabriel Walsh: Embracing a Life of Adventure, Freedom and Fun

ByJoanne Murphy |

Gabriel Walsh is an active member of Galway Triathlon Club who, after a few years of working away from home and away from sport, got cajoled into taking up triathlon, which has taken him on an exciting adventure  that has seen him race multiple triathlons, complete IRONMAN Barcelona and the Galway Bay Swim. In recent years his passion and interest in sport has moved from triathlon specifically to gravel biking, exploring and bike packing.

Gabriel’s curiosity and fascination with exploring and adventure has seen him take on an Arctic Circle Expedition as well as an epic 3,200 km cycling adventure on the EuroVelo this year. His enthusiasm and cando attitude, along with his genuine interest in people and helping them succeed will have you signing up to your own adventure before you have time to say the words freedom and fun.

Humble in his approach, taking adversity in his stride, he is one of the good guys and, if you are planning to take on your own adventure or step outside your comfort zone to achieve something you previously thought impossible, then this episode might just be the one to encourage you to go and find your self confidence and belief in yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to.



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