Grimes Claims Rainbow Jersey in Canada

ByEmma Porter |

Ronan Grimes took a superb gold medal in the men’s C4 World Championship road race.

The reigning European TT champion was lined up on form for the 81.9km race, fresh from winning bronze in the time trial on Friday. A five-man breakaway went clear from the main group with Grimes proving the strongest in the sprint finish, adding another title to his achievements this year – his best result to date.

Grimes spoke about the journey he has been on to get to this stage on how things worked out for him today, “Every year I’ve been getting a tiny bit closer, but I never knew I would actually make that top step in a road race and thinking how that would actually happen. Today everything seemed to go right. It was a hard race and a long sprint to the link which you know which played into my hands perfectly today. If things had been a bit more cagey today I mightn’t have had that kick, but I think when it’s a hard, honest race, it played to my strengths.”

Damien Vereker and Dillion Corkery were unfortunate to get a puncture during the race, setting them back considerably, ultimately finishing in 8th position.


Irish Men’s Road Race Results:

  • Ronan Grimes (MC4) – Gold
  • Damien Vereker and Dillon Corkery (MB) – 8th
  • Gary O’Reilly (MH5) Time Trial – 6th
  • Declan Slevin (MH3) Time Trial – 11th

Irish Men’s Time Trial Results:

  • Ronan Grimes (MC4) – Bronze
  • Damien Vereker and Dillon Corkery (MB) – DNF
  • Gary O’Reilly (MH5) Time Trial – 4th
  • Declan Slevin (MH3) Time Trial – 12th


Para-cycling Classifications:

C4: includes people with lower limb impairments or issues with lower limb functionality. Disability groups covered by this classification include people with cerebral palsy, amputations and other lower limb impairments.

MB: Athletes who are blind or visually impaired. They compete using a two-person cycle known as a tandem, with a sighted “pilot” in the front seat.

MH5: Athletes have lower limb impairment that necessitates use of a hand-operated cycle. H5 refers to athletes who can kneel on a hand-cycle, a category that includes paraplegics and amputees.

MH3: Athletes have lower limb impairment that necessitates use of a hand-operated cycle. H3 refers to paraplegic athletes with impairment from T4 through T10.

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