Hannah Shields The Courage to Conquer the World

ByJoanne Murphy |

Hannah Shields was the first woman from Northern Ireland to summit Mount Everest in May 2007. After the heartbreak of narrowly missing out on reaching the summit in 2003 she embraced a fascinating journey in adventure and sport that saw her embark on a life of seizing opportunities with both hands, including the chance to participate in the inaugural Polar Challenge Race, where she became the first woman from Ireland to ski to the magnetic North Pole.

Hannah took up running at the age of 34 and has represented her club and country at local and international level, winning national and international medals in a wide range of distances. Stepping up to ultra-distance and endurance mountain running she has finished on multiple podiums across her running career. Turning her hand to triathlon as she approached her 50th birthday, she has since raced at all distances in triathlon and has a hoard of race titles and medals across duathlon and triathlon from home and abroad.

In 2018 Hannah was electrocuted in a freak accident whilst out training on her bike, resulting in life-changing injuries that have curbed her life professionally and in sport. However, just like every obstacle she has faced in achieving success as an explorer, adventurer and athlete, Hannah’s courage, determination and positive attitude are strong armoury in conquering this mountain in life she is currently ascending in returning to full health.

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