Irish U20s Team Named for Mannheim Junioren Gala Meet

ByEmma Porter |

An exciting Irish U20 team travels to Germany this weekend for the Mannheim Junioren Gala Meet which sees several hundred athletes compete across track and field competition across two days (June 22nd and 23rd).

Full Irish Team

Athlete Event(s)
Jesse Osas 100m
Toby Thompson 200m
Donal Martin 200m
Sean Carmody 110m Hurdles
Sean Doggett 400m & Mixed 4x400m Relay
Conor Kelly 400m & Mixed 4x400m Relay
Adam Courtney 400m & Mixed 4x400m Relay
David Davitt 400m Hurdles
Oisin Joyce Javelin
Precious Akpe-Moses 100m & 200m
Molly Daly 200m
Hannah Falvey 200m
Katie Doherty 200m
Maria Zakharenko 400m & Mixed 4x400m
Ava Rochford High Jump
Daisy Walker Mixed 4x400m Relay
Saoirse Fitzgerald Mixed 4x400m Relay


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