Joe Barr Sets New Course Record in Florida 500

ByEmma Porter |

Joe Barr has completed the Florida 500 ultra in a new course record of 27 hours and 4 mins. The Florida 500 is just over 534 miles in distance, along the fast flat roads of Florida starting in Jacksonville and finishing in Key West. It is the longest Point to Point solo and Team Relay cycling event East of the Mississipi, and contains 7 checkpoints along the course.

Riders can take on the challenge supported or unsupported. Joe completed the distance with a small support team following his progress.

While the route takes riders through urban areas, the race involved over an hour worth of stoppage time for traffic lights. However, despite almost immediately stating he is “Always looking for the bit I didn’t get right,” Joe has also been able to highlight that the Florida 500 effort is really important for what’s coming next: his attempt at the 500 (miles) in North Carolina in April.

Having reflected on the whole effort with his team, he’s said “It’s hard to put it into a precise absolute, but running our own time calculations, in the 24 hour period taking into consideration the number of stops for traffic lights and getting the bike back up to speed (not including nature breaks and a short stop to change some kit, the combined time of which was less than 8) we have 490.4 miles in the 24 hours so we’re getting closer and closer.

Joe continues the chase for the elusive 18 miles per hour.

We had the pleasure of chatting to Joe on the podcast back in 2020, you can tune in to the episode (No 34) HERE.

The 1986 Commonwealth Games medalist who has amassed hundreds of medals and trophies in different cycling disciplines throughout his career brings us back to 2009 when he entered his first endurance race the Race Around Ireland.

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