Lucy Charles-Barclay: IRONMAN World Champion, On Top of the World

ByJoanne Murphy |

British triathlete Lucy Charles-Barclay last month completed a hat trick of World Titles in three years by becoming the 2023 IRONMAN World Champion, finally earning a World Title that had eluded her four times since her pro debut on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2017.

Lucy has finished in second place in Kona every time she has raced there before finally breaking the tape as the IRONMAN World Champion in a World’s best time of 8:24:31 last month, on a day that will be remembered in sporting history for many years to come for a whole host of incredible achievements by the over 2,000 women who participated in the inaugural Women’s only IRONMAN World Championship race.

Photo Credit: Holly Charles

Lucy has been on an incredible journey in sport throughout her life, an impressive and driven athlete at a young age, her sights were always set on being the best in class in her chosen sport, whether that was swimming as her first love, or triathlon where she has excelled to become one of the most loved and best triathletes in the world.

The 2021 IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion, and 2022 World Triathlon Long Distance World Champion hasn’t been on an easy road to becoming a Multiple World Champion. Two major injury set-backs in recent times saw her and her team seek out in genius ways to keep her on track and ensure her journey to the IRONMAN World Championship finish line this year was not derailed but was kept firmly on track all the way to the top step of the World Championship podium.

Lucy’s rise to sports superstar is hugely inspiring, her commitment to her craft, her tenacity, focus, determination and her resilience in the face of disappointment and adversity is something one can only admire whether a fan of the sport of triathlon or not.  It’s hard not to be a fan of Lucy Charles Barclay as we follow her life’s journey in awe of her ability to continually push her mind and body to the limit in pursuit of success and achievement of her dreams.

This is a great chat with Lucy who shares incredible insight into her life and loves as she regales us with stories of her journey to the top of the world.


Lucy Charles-Barclay celebrates her IRONMAN World Championship Win in Kona in October. Photo Credit: Holly Charles




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