Monday Social Zwift Spin with RWB Cycling & PARC Tri

11th October 2021
(1 hour)

Tri Talking Sport teaming up with RWB Cycling and PARC Tri Community to help get your week off to super start with an enjoyable social spin on Zwift, don’t worry about the watts, use the session to spin your legs, oh and watch out for the sprints!

Join us in Richmond on the Fan Flats route this week, where you can chase the green jersey on the sprints or simply spin the legs and enjoy the chat and banter. 

Got questions about zwift? Racing, training, making the most of the platform? Be sure to ask some questions as we roll out on the virtual tarmac for an hour of cycling chat and fun.

Enjoy the chat and craic on Discord, catch up with all the gossip whilst connecting with fellow cyclists from all over the world each week. Click here to join!

Sign up for this week’s spin on via the companion app or on the sign up button. 

Get social by joining the vibrant online community and supporting each of our ride partners

Team RWB – Riding/Racing Without Borders:


Tri Talking Sport:

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Monday Social Zwift Spin with RWB Cycling & PARC Tri

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