Nortje and McConnell Take Top Spots at National Sprint Championships

ByEmma Porter |

Dylan Nortje and Erin McConnell have won the most competitive race in the Irish triathlon calendar – the Draft Legal Sprint Distance National Championships at TriAthy.

The pair took overall victories and with it the top prizes of €2,500 each from two hotly contested draft legal races.

The Draft Legal event was at the pinnacle of a brilliant day of sun, triathlon and lots of happy faces as more than 2,000 people raced across multiple distances in Ireland’s biggest domestic triathlon event.

As well as winning the overall in the draft legal race, McConnell’s victory gained her the Sprint Distance National Champion’s title, while the winner of the men’s national champs for 2023 was Russell White, who finished 2nd in the race overall to non-qualified South African athlete Nortje.

Junior national titles went to Senan McDonnell and Saoirse O’Brien while Anthony O’Brien and Aisling Wyer won the non-drafting National Series race which was also the Age Group sprint distance championships.

Provisional results are on Sports Timing. See below for the list of podiums from the sprint races below.

Draft Legal Men’s Podium

  1. Dylan Nortje
  2. Russell White
  3. Jonathan Oakey

Draft Legal Women’s Podium

  1. Erin McConnell
  2. Katie Rodda
  3. Chloe Pollard

Draft Legal Sprint Distance National Champs Men

  1. Russell White
  2. Jonathan Oakey
  3. Ralf Bodamer

Draft Legal Sprint Distance National Champs Women

  1. Erin McConnell
  2. Chloe Pollard
  3. Emma O’Brien

Draft Legal Sprint Distance National Champs Junior Men

  1. Senan McDonnell
  2. Mathys Bocquet
  3. Oliver Duffield

Draft Legal Sprint Distance National Champs Junior Women

  1. Saoirse O’Brien
  2. Aimee Carr
  3. Amy Lundy

National Series Men’s Podium

  1. Anthony O’Brien
  2. James Graham
  3. Conor Farrell

National Series Women’s Podium

  1. Aisling Wyer
  2. Kathryn Fahy
  3. Emma Boyle
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