Oliver Harkin Triathlete: Going Long & Living The Tri Life

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Oliver Harkin of Primed Coaching is a keen age group triathlete who races at all distances of the sport of triathlon from sprint to IRONMAN and everything in between. Following his passion for sport saw him change career and take a leap of faith into sport full time as a coach when he decided to ditch the 9 – 5 Monday to Friday job as a computer programmer to dive into triathlon as a coach. His interest and background in numbers still to the forefront as he delved into this whole new world of sport and loves it.

Embracing the tri life, sport has become a huge part of his every day. He has raced nine IRONMAN events since first dipping his toes into long distance triathlon in Mallorca in 2014, his so called ‘ one and done’ plan quickly put to the back of his head after enjoying the challenge of going long.  Catching the IRONMAN bug he has gone on to race in Lanzarote, Wales, Barcelona and raced at Kona in 2017 finishing sub 10 on the Big Island. In just a few short weeks he will race in Lanzarote before heading to Kona once again to embrace the island and the 2022 World Championship event.

He has coached multiple IRONMAN finishers, World Championship qualifiers, race winners, ITU national representatives and some of the most talented age group triathletes across the country.  Dad to 4 children he juggles  daily life with his wife Roisin in Newry where is a coach and member of Newry Triathlon Club.  He is the resident coach on the Team RWB Monday night social Zwift spins where we spin away an hour on the turbo every Monday night from 7:30pm.

In this episode Oliver shares his journey in sport, his passion for chasing goals himself and supporting his athletes to do the same.  He gives us some top tips for embracing your race, from training and race day prep, to getting your fuelling right and the importance of having fun and enjoying the process of getting not only to the race start line but most importantly the finish line.

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