Patricia McGinley: Cycling Saved My Life

ByJoanne Murphy |

This episode of the Tri Talking Sport podcast features Ultracyclist Patricia McGinley, who recently (pending ratification at the time of recording) set a World Ultra Cycling Association record as the first solo female to cycle from Mizen Head to Malin Head in Ireland covering 598km in 30hours 36 minutes.

Taking up cycling and indeed ultra cycling in recent years, she has completed the Joe Barr 200 twice and the TJB Coastal 330 as well as taking on the Wicklow 200. She took part in the Donegal Ultra 555k as part of a 4 person team so was no stranger to hills, hard cycling and long days in the saddle for this challenge despite only taking on her first solo ultra event in 2018.

Similar to the hills of Donegal, Patricia’s training ground; her life before cycling was filled with massive ups and downs, but the biggest uphill battle for her was becoming sober and building a new life from the depths of depression and despair.

Patricia bravely shares some insight into her life, her resilience and courage shining through. The friendship, camaraderie and sense of purpose the whole new world of cycling has given her, it is no surprise that she loves being on her bike and part of such a supportive community, and in her own words, she says ‘Cycling Saved My Life ’.


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