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Oliver Harkin of Primed Coaching will host a number of one day training workshops for triathletes over the coming weeks.   Suitable for all athletes looking to improve their overall performance and enjoyment of the sport, whilst gathering the latest information and techniques on training and racing, learning new skills in a fun, safe environment.

The training days take place in Felda Fitness, Dundalk, Co. Louth (less than 1hr from Dublin and Belfast)  

With a maximum of 8 athletes per day, each participant will receive individual assessment and insight for their particular abilities and areas for improvement across swim, bike and run.  Scheduled to run from 8am to 4:30pm each day they are action packed with practical and theory sessions.

Included in the Training Days are:

Swim: Video analysis of your stroke and then the skills, drills and sets to make you faster and more efficient in the pool and in the open water. – If you are swimming slower than 2mins per 100m then your technique is holding you back. Find out why and how to fix it! 

Bike: Your bike fit will be checked and then we get down to the essential bike specific strength session which is the key to producing more power and racing faster.

Run: Video feedback to teach efficient running technique, We tackle two main areas in particular: foot contact time and pacing to reduce injuries and improve performance.

Theory sessions: Establishing training zones for swim, bike and run, cover nutrition (day to day and race day, how to get lean and fast), season planning (periodisation of training and racing, what type of training to do and when to do it), strength and conditioning, recovery techniques and time management.

Dates of the sessions are:

November: 5th &  26th

December: 10th

Places are limited, for more information contact Oliver directly on or click on the link HERE



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