Sam Laidlow: I Want to Win Kona

ByJoanne Murphy |

Sam Laidlow is a young, hungry, ambitious and successful professional triathlete who has some serious goals and aspirations in sport including winning the IRONMAN World Championships.  He will be the youngest professional athlete at 22 years of age on the startline in Kona this year earning his slot at IRONMAN UK last month.

With a string of successes to his name already including; the winner of the Bearman Xtreme Long Distance race in 2017 and the winner of The Lakesman in 2019, he set the fastest long distance triathlon time ever recorded in the United Kingdom on the day in a winning time of 8:21.  In the same year he finished 7th at Ironman Barcelona in a time of 8:05. He was recently 2nd at IRONMAN UK behind Joe Skipper which saw him jump up the PTO rankings to 26th on the global list.

Moving to France with his family as a young child he grew up embedded and engrossed in triathlon as his parents set up Sancture Sportifs Triathlon Training Camps in the South of France. Surrounded by sport, meeting a wide range of athletes from different cultures and backgrounds, his passion for triathlon was fuelled and the fire ignited to pursue a life in sport where anything is possible.

Sam has a drive, focus and commitment to the sport that many of us can be inspired by, he is still very young in age but he is very much dedicated to his craft.  He may have big goals and dreams but I fully expect that those goals and dreams will become a reality and Sam Laidlow is one to watch for the future!

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