Stocking Filler Gift Ideas For Triathletes

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Christmas is fast approaching and whether you want to treat yourself or treat the triathlete in your life with a gift this Christmas we’ve got you covered with ideas for stocking fillers across swim, bike and run!

Gifted as individual items or packaged together to create a personalised gift box, you won’t go far wrong with any of these suggestions below.

Body Glide

A good anti-chafing cream creates a barrier on the skin preventing irritation and chafing on sensitive areas of skin. Whether from a wetsuit, footwear, or skin on skin, this is an absolute game changer for long training sessions for the endurance athlete in your life. Body Glide or a high quality anti-chafing cream can make a huge difference for those long sessions.

Race Belt

Nearly every triathlon will require a race belt to be worn, unless at elite level. Race belts are elasticated; however they still vary in quality. A good race belt should have two to three elastic toggles, and ideally have some rubbery sections on the inside of the belt. As many triathletes will wear them under their wetsuit to save time in transition, these rubbery sections will help the belt stick to their tri-suit and avoid them falling down as they pull their wetsuit off as quickly as possible. It will also help their race number stay to their back on the bike and their front on the run, in line with many triathlons’ race rules.

Arm and Leg Warmers

Let’s be honest, living in Ireland or the UK, it gets cold – even in the summer. Good quality arm and leg warmers are a great addition to any triathletes training kit. An early bike session in the Spring might start cool but soon heat up. Arm and leg warms allow an athlete to wear shorts and a jersey with the option of extra skin coverage earlier in their training session and remove them later if required. There are a wide variety of brands and options available at various price points.

Lights and Reflective Gear

Rechargeable bike lights are both a thoughtful gift and a necessity. Illuminous outer layers are also very useful for running and cycling in the early mornings or those dark winter evenings. Be safe and be seen as you commute or train.

Elastic Laces

Most people want to run with their shoe laces tied just right, which will probably conflict with getting them on their feet quickly as they transition from bike to run in a triathlon, or duathlon. Elastic laces allow for a smoother transition and quicker method of tightening your laces on the go. There a quite a few bands to choose from, go for the funkiest brightest ones available.

MicroFibre Towel

These light weight towels can be packed up to save plenty of space in training bag on a regular basis. The fast drying, lightweight material towels can also be useful as a transition mat, or even for helping to clean your bike.

Bike Repair Kit

A small repair kit should accompany every cyclist on a long ride. The tools to change a tube or adjust saddle height or brakes should always be on hand; ideally, tyre levers, a spare tube, and hand pump. A multi-tool or certain Allen keys are also useful to carry with you. If you’re not sure what to look for in a bike repair kit, call in to your local bike shop and see what they recommend.

Medal Plaques

Getting to the finish line of a race is no easy feat. Race t-shirts and medals are always great memento’s not only of the race itself, but also all the hard work involved in the build up to achieve a goal. Whether it’s to show off your achievements, or hang them near the turbo for some extra motivation this winter, a medal plaque can be a very thoughtful gift.

You can find some Irish options at: Nut Job Design, Kerry Signature Furniture or check out Etsy for a wide choice of options.

Nuasan Gift Pack

Natural, Irish-made skin & bodycare that soothes muscles & joints & protects skin, ensuring you keep moving & feel great.made in Ireland and based in Galway, their active body care range are the perfect complement to an active lifestyle.  10% of all profits are donated to climate action groups & sustainable charities. Not sure what products to pick as a gift, then pick up a gift card. Find out more on

Tri Talking Sport Bobble Hat

Our final suggestion is a cheeky plug for the Tri Talking Sport Bobble Hat, which will keep you warm pre or post training! Available in four colours, blue, grey, navy or pink, you can pick one up by clicking HERE

Happy Shopping!

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