Swim Ireland Launches Open Water Series for 2024

ByEmma Porter |

Swim Ireland has announced its Open Water Series for 2024. 

The Open Water Series focuses on getting out, being active and completing your own personal challenge. Some have a competitive element and prizes, but everyone is welcome to take it at their own pace.

The Open Water Series will showcase all that is great about open water swimming. You can choose to wear a wetsuit, or go non-wetsuit, and for all events you have the option of wearing a tow-float to help you feel that bit more confident.

There is something for everyone from short non-competitive participation events, to longer competitive swims for those looking for a challenge. The longer events are also suitable for those who wish to take part at their own pace.

*Please note that age limits may apply to some of the events, see the links below.

Registration is now open for:

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