Webinar: Performance Nutrition with Jillian Mooney

ByJoanne Murphy |

Performance Nutritionist Jillian Mooney of Team Joe Barr is hosting a nutrition webinar on April 8th from 7-9pm. Whether you are an endurance cyclist an avid triathlete or simply have an interest in improving your performance in endurance sport then knowing the basics around fuelling and nutrition will help you to reach your goals and aspirations in your chosen sport.

In this webinar Jillian says you can “Expect simple, concise, explanations on macronutrients, energy production, fuelling options and styles plus so much more. If you are interested in turning effort into results then you need to focus on nutrition as well as training. This one hour presentation will lay down the foundation upon which all performance nutrition is built.”

The webinar is limited to 10 attendees and will include a one hour presentation by Jillian followed by another hour of Q & A providing plenty for time for questions from the attendees.

Tickets for the event are £20 and can be purchased on the link HERE.


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