World Para Cup Bronze for McCarthy

ByEmma Porter |

Donnacha McCarthy and guide Sean Husband recovered from a difficult swim start to claim a World Para Cup bronze medal in Portugal.

Their pair came out of the water further back in the field than expected and were forced to ‘red line it’ in the words of Sean Husband during the bike in order to secure their podium spot.

They crossed the line in 1hr 07mins 34secs in a race won by world number one Dave Ellis.

Sean Husband explained that the pair’s original race plan didn’t pan out:

“Our plan originally was to sit with the Uzbekistans because they are better swimmers. That played out a bit differently. We weren’t expecting to be fifth out of the water we’ve put a lot of work in we just go to work and red lined the bike.”

Husband added: “It was good to see that we can be that far back and bring it back, it’s a testament to what we’ve been doing on the bike recently. Doing a lot of handling and red lining the bike.”

Donnacha McCarthy agreed that the hard work the pair have been putting in on the bike paid off in the testing situation, “We didn’t have the best of swims on a tough swim course, we worked like a dog on the bike and worked our way back up in to a podium position on the run. We just held that position on to the finish.”

Fourth for MacCombe, Ninth for Gunning

In the women’s PTVI event, Judith MacCombe and guide Anne Paul finished in 4th place while teenager Oliver Gunning and his guide Kyle Duncan came home 9th in the same event as McCarthy.


All the results from World Para Cup Alhandra are on World Triathlon.

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