Youth Road Series Announced 2024

ByEmma Porter |

Cycling Ireland has announced a Youth Road National Series will be held in 2024 as a demonstration event.

Following the establishment of a Cycling Ireland Youth Working Group in 2024, and with the assistance of the High Performance Unit (HPU), the 2024 series will take place over three rounds across June and July.

The series will feature U16 racing solely. Separate races for take place for Boys and Girls.

The HPU’s involvement will help the Cycling Ireland High Performance Development Coach in talent identification and further strengthens the High Performance Pathway for riders.

Michael Black, Cycling Ireland High Performance Development Coach, said, “Our decision to introduce this Youth National Series stems from a deep understanding of the pivotal role that competitive opportunities play in the development of young cyclists. Research evidence overwhelmingly supports the notion that the formative years are crucial for nurturing talent and instilling a passion for sport. By providing a structured platform for competition at this critical stage, we aim to cultivate a vibrant cycling culture and unearth promising young athletes.

“Moreover, the introduction of Series aligns seamlessly with our overarching strategy for pathway activity within the sport. We recognise the importance of a well-defined progression from youth and junior categories to U23 and eventually senior ranks. This series serves as a vital launchpad in this journey, offering young cyclists the opportunity to hone their skills, gain valuable race experience, and transition smoothly through the ranks as they pursue excellence at the highest levels.

“It’s important to note that we have chosen not to include U14 age categories in the series. Our decision reflects our belief that this age group should primarily focus on skill development rather than intense competitive pressures. We are committed to providing a balanced approach to youth development, ensuring that our young cyclists have the opportunity to grow both as athletes and individuals.” 

Neill Delahaye, High Performance Unit Head Coach, said, “As a HPU we have been working hard in recent months to develop our pathway structures feeding into the HP environment. HP activities generally commence at Junior ages, but we recognize the value for U16s in gaining age-appropriate exposure to higher level racing domestically as part of a stepping stone towards Junior standards. A National Series in this context offers an exciting series of race opportunities, open to all U16 riders, to compete and demonstrate what they are capable of amongst their peers at National level. We hope this demonstration series proves popular and can be expanded and built upon in coming years.” 

2024 Cycling Ireland Youth Road National Series

  • Round 1: June 8th – Sean Nolan Meath GP Youths
  • Round 2: June 30th – Sliabh Luachra Classic
  • Round 3: July 27th – Jimmy Watson and Debbie Barclay Perpetual Cups
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