Christmas Gift Ideas For Triathletes

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The holiday season is nearly upon us! If you’re looking for some stocking filler ideas for the triathlete in your life, we have you covered. Last year we put together a list of smaller gift ideas perfect for a Secret Santa present, or as a stocking filler, you can check out the article HERE.

All of these items will still make an excellent gift for any triathlete. This year, we’ve expanded our list and are giving you some more options to choose from!

Cycling Over-shoes

The cold wet winters in Ireland can make even the turbo seem appealing. But for those who want to continue riding their bike outdoors throughout the colder months, a quality pair of over-shoes to keep their feet warm will never not be appreciated. When your hands and feet are better protected from the elements, your body can focus on keeping your core warm without depriving your extremities of what they need.

A good pair of over-shoes for winter in Ireland and the UK will offer a high level of water-proofing and keep you cycling for longer.

Good Quality Gloves

In terms of cycling, good quality gloves can change a whole ride. There are lots of options on offer. Neoprene seal-skins or Spatz can make a great addition to a cyclists training wardrobe.

While neoprene based gloves may be ideal for cycling, they will likely be too much for running as the hands are not exposed to the same amount of wind. Some running gloves offer an over-shield against the wind – think gloves, with an extra mitten outer layer that can be stowed away if required, making them ideal for changing weather conditions.


Foam rollers, massage balls, massage guns… All of these items can make a huge difference to an athlete’s recovery if used regularly. If you’re confused by the different options or unsure which might be the preferred choice, a gift voucher for a sports massage somewhere local will ALWAYS be appreciated.

Skin and Body Care

We are definitely biased when it comes to  skin and body care as our partners nuasan have such fabulous products to choose from.  Whether you need to give your body some TLC after a hard training session with their CBD muscle gel or just want to treat your skin to a lovely moisturiser boosted with arnica and magnesium then they have you covered. They also have fitness accessories that complement a multitude of activities. Use the code TTSGIFT to get €10 off their Bestseller Giftset this Christmas or use the code TTS15 to get 15% discount across the online store and products.

Base-layers, bib-shorts and running shoes.

A good base layer will help keep you warm in the winter, and should be lightweight, made from a breathable fabric.

Whilst new cycling shorts are an excellent gift for someone who spends hours on the turbo or the bike, the wrong size will provide an uncomfortable experience. Unless you know the size, make, and model of their existing kit, a voucher for their favourite company might be a better approach.

Similarly with new running shoes, unless you can sneakily check their size, make and model, a voucher for a running specific shop might be the best option.

Open Water Tow Float

Be safe, be seen. This applies to all three sports in triathlon. For those venturing out for open water swims, a bright tow float will help them be seen from shore as well as by passing swimmers or kayakers.

Some of the options even provide somewhere safe to place your car key while your bag may be left unattended while you swim.

Bits and Bobs

Every triathlete will need something from the local bike/run/triathlon shop at some point during the year. A voucher for the local shop can be a life-saver later in the season; a new tyre the week before a big race, top up on gels or nutrition, or to pick up a top of chamois cream mid-season. The choice is endless, so you can play it safe with a voucher for their favourite shop or brand, there’s a whole host of gifts out there that will keep your athlete smiling and moving well into the new year!

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