Tri Talking Sport Christmas Fitness Challenge

ByJoanne Murphy |

Tri Talking Sport Christmas Fitness Challenge

Christmas is fast approaching and although this year looks like it’s going to be as peculiar as last year, one thing is sure, it’s still a busy time for everyone.  With a long list of festive themed things to do from; Christmas shopping to decorating the tree, watching feel good movies, to catching up with friends and family.

Busy lives, coupled with colder weather and winter blues can see motivation to move hit an all time low, so much so that we can often let our fitness decrease and our waistlines increase through lack of movement and exercise during December.

Join the Tri Talking Sport Christmas Fitness Challenge to help keep your mind and body on track and have some fitness fun as we dive into the festive season. Lace up your runners, roll out your yoga mat, pump up those bike tyres or get your togs on, the choice is yours, the challenge is ON!

The Challenge 

Simply commit to completing 12 hours of physical activity over the festive period from December 1st– 25th. Ideally, this would be 30 minutes of activity on your chosen days, however, this is more about completion than competition so you can decide to complete the challenge over a variety of durations from 30 minutes to 2 hour sessions during the festive period.

Select any form of physical activity of choice; yoga, pilates, running, walking, swimming, cycling, hiking, jogging, fitness class or any other activity that gets you moving, puts a smile on your face and gets the blood rushing through your veins.

This free fun challenge aims to encourage you to get moving when the motivation to stay on the couch is high and the motivation to move your body is low,  ideally taking time out to take time for yourself amidst the frantic festive season.

The reward for the challenge is in it’s completion and personal satisfaction, you can utilise our fitness tracker to maintain your accountability for the challenge and be in with the chance of winning some super prizes from a variety of partners. We also have a private Facebook Group to help with your motivation!

Register for the free fitness challenge HERE and let’s keep moving this Festive Season.



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